Motion detector LC-171


Dual PIR/microwave outdoor motion detector. The LC-171 is a unique motion detector utilizing dual passive infra-red elements and Microwave technology and is designed for outdoor use in the most severe climatic conditions. The LC-171 can also accommodate pets. High reliability is achieved by combining both dual tech hardware with highly sophisticated software and an adaptive coverage area, greatly reducing the possibility of false alarms. The active elements are comprised of a dual element PIR and advanced Microwave detector inside a stylish, rigid plastic body.

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PIR Range 18 m,
PIR Element Type Dual,
Operating Angle 90°,
Degree of Protection IP65,
Supply Voltage 9.6 - 16 V DC,
Current Consumption (standby mode) 21 mA,
Current Consumption (hazard mode) 24 mA,
Color White,
Weight 500 g,
Dimensions (WxHxD) 80x200x86 mm,
Working Temperature, C° -10 - +50,
Mounting Height 0.8 - 1.5 m,
Equipment Motion detector, mounting kit,
Manufacturer DSC.


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