Motion detector EC-301DP

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Digital sensor for environments with pets up to 27 kg. The Digital Encore Pi PIR detector is specifically designed to provide optimum catch performance and enhanced false alarm prevention in environments containing pets. It utilizes digital technology, a microprocessor, Multi Level Signal Processing (MLSP), dual operating parameters, automatic temperature compensation and a unique pet rejection lens (patent pending) to provide effective and reliable detection of human motion and good protection against nuisance alarm associated with pets weighing up to 60lbs (27.3kg).

PIR Range 15.2 m,
PIR Element Type Dual,
Operating Angle 90°,
Supply Voltage 9.5 - 14.5 V DC,
Current Consumption (standby mode) 16 mA,
Current Consumption (hazard mode) 20 mA,
Working Temperature, C° 0 - +50,
Mounting Height 2 - 3.5 m,
Manufacturer DSC..


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