General terms and conditions

The following procurement – selling terms and conditions (hereinafter as „Terms and conditions“) are the mandatory legal document for the parties, which constitute rights and obligations for Buyer and Seller, conditions for procurements and payments, order for delivery and return of goods, liabilities of both parties and other terms related to procurement – selling of goods on e-shop ""

Important! When ordering goods in e-shop, You accept all Terms and conditions and agreed to abide them.

Right to use e-shop have:

  • All adults or physical bodies over 18 years old;
  • Juveniles between fifteen and eighteen years old only with parents, adoptive parents or guardians agreement, except when disposed of their own earnings or scholarships;
  • Legal persons;
  • Authorized representatives of all above mentioned persons.

Goods prices includes VAT  but without delivery taxes.

Sale and Purchase agreement conclusion moment

Agreement between Buyer and Seller considered concluded from the moment when Buyer choosed goods and formed cart press "Submit".

Your rights and obligations

You can choose any goods from list. Using e-shop services You accept all Terms and conditions and agreed to abide them. Responsible for order form completeness and correctness.

Responsible for all operations made in e-shop. Must to take ordered goods.

If You refuse without valid reasons to take goods, You must cover the cost of delivery.

DEALER1 Ltd. eShop don't response for third parties action, when they access to Your banking system consists sale - purchase agreement using e-shop services.

If there are any changes in order form Your data, please immediately inform us.

DEALER1 Ltd. eShop rights and obligations

Under substantial circumstances the Seller can withdraw the activities of the e-shop temporarily or altogether without any up-front notice to the Buyer.

Unilater in our initiative partially or fully replace these terms and conditions also e-shop operating conditions

Seller is obliged to offer analogous commodity to the Buyer if unable to deliver goods that were ordered by the Buyer. If the Buyer refuses to accept the analogous commodity, Seller obliges to return the money paid, if the payment was done.

Protection of personal data

DEALER1 Ltd. eShop respect Your right to privacy. Your personal data (name, second name, address, phone number, e-mail, and other data) is collecting and processing in order to be able:

  • To process Your purchase order;
  • To make financial documents;
  • Solve problems related to the goods delivery or presentation;
  • To fulfill other agreements.

The Buyer is fully responsible for correctness of the data provided in the registration form on the e-shop. If the Buyer does not provide precise data, Seller is not provided for any outcomes occurred due to this.

Personal data to third parties

Personal data is not disclosed to any third party (Except those cases named in EU directives).

Conditions of delivery

Ordered goods are delivered to the Buyer within 3 work days from receipt of payment to the Seller bank account. If it is not possible to deliver goods in the usual time Seller obliges to contact Buyer immediately and to coordinate delivery issues. If Buyer didn't accept the terms of delivery, must notify within 3 work days to Seller. In that case, Agreement is terminated.
Delivery of goods to the Buyer:
  • If Buyer chooses delivery to the address given, commits to give the exact address of delivery. The Buyer incorrectly stated delivery address accepts responsibility for incorrect delivery;
  • The Buyer undertakes to accept the goods. Assumed that the person at the address of the Buyer given accepts to take goods and has the right to receive them. The Buyer assumes responsibility, if there is no person when goods are delivered. In this case, the Buyer responsibility to pay  for the delivery. For re-delivery the Buyer must pay extra.

One day before delivery Seller has notify to Buyer about date and preliminary delivery time. 

Seller delivers goods by authorized courier service.

The delivery (transportation) fee of the goods is calculated taking into account the method of delivery of the goods chosen by the Buyer and is provided when choosing the delivery method during shopping.

About the delivery outside Lithuania territory, Seller obliges to inform Buyer when order is received.

Return and replacement of goods:

  • send the product back within the original box;
  • the item must not be damaged by the Buyer ;
  • the item should remain its merchant looks (not damaged labels, other marks, no stains etc.);
  • returnable good must haves the same complement as it had when delivered by the Seller;
  • returning the goods must be showed purchase agreement;
  • in the case of returning goods is due to inadequate quality, seller committed to replace defective product or return the money paid for the product. Defective goods replaced or returned according to "Return and exchange rules", approved in 29.06.2001 of The Minister of Economy No. 217.
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