Motion detector SIM-360, ceiling-mount, SIM

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The SIM-360 is a 4-element passive infrared intrusion detector for use in electronic security systems in ceiling mount applications.

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The SIM-360 reduces false alarms to an unprecedented minimal level due to its effective elimination of background noises and nuisance stimuli. The SIM-360 employs Automatic Pulse Count making it extremely adaptable to various environments. The unique VLSI, using sophisticated signal processing, makes this detector virtually free of false alarms. The SIM-360 integrates VLSI & SMD (surface mount device) to their full advantage. The detector is easy to install, with no necessary adjustments.

The SIM-360 is equipped with a special hard lens. This lens is the latest development in the security field and complies with all the new standards requirements. It gives wide coverage patterns, even at low mounting heights. It is especially immune to sunlight, halogen lights and fluorescent lights and is impervious to attack

  • Fully sealed sensor chamber
  • VLSI Technology (Very Large Scale Integration)
  • Maximum RFI & EMI Immunity
  • 4 Element Pyro Sensor (Quad)
  • Pulse Count
  • Sophisticated signal processing
  • Memory function
  • Hard Spherical Lens 360 coverage
  • Bidirectional temperature compensation
  • Fluorescent light stability

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