Heat Detector - Rate of Rise FIRECLASS (BENTEL) FC601H-R

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FC601P detector is capable of detecting the visible smoke produced by materials which smoulder or burn slowly, i.e. soft furnishings, plastic foam etc.; or ‘smoke’ produced by overheated but unburnt PVC. These detectors are particularly suitable for general applications and areas where cable overheating may occur e.g. electrical services areas. (FC600 series)

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601H-R (rate of rise) detectors detect abnormally high rates of rise of temperature. Can be used in areas where smoke sensors are unsuitable due to environmental conditions (smoke, dust etc.). Such areas include kitchens, locker rooms, canteens, garages, loading bays etc.


Data sheet

Stabilisation time
1 s
Reset time
Operating voltage
10,5-33 V
Current consumption (max.)
53 mA
Current consumption (standby)
65 µA
Dimensions (HxD)
43x109 mm
80 g
Operating temperature
-20...+70 °C
Storage temperature
-25...+80 °C
Max. environmental-relative humidity
95 %

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