BF362-3 24V 3A EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU

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DS certified to EN54-4 (1997/A2:2006)
Ideal for powering beam detectors, auto-dial communicators, aspirating smoke detectors, auto-open vent systems, auxiliary sounder systems or any other device performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system
Deep discharge battery protection and EN54 compliant reporting of battery impedance faults
Includes a single-pole volt-free changeover relay that switches for any fault condition
Three LED indicators - supply present, general fault and auxiliary fault (for optional connection to third-party equipment)
Link selectable battery charging capacity
Environmentally-friendly charging circuit - dissipates just 0.35W compared to the industry norm of 2.55W
Supplied in a tough, durable metal box

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Output 2A DC current (I max a, PLK2 link fitted), 1A charge current; 3A DC current (I max b, charging turned off)
Output for Fault condition - Relay, potential free, switching 1 A / 50V DC
Backup battery - 2x12V DC / 18 Ah
Dimensions - 404x404x110 mm
Operating temperature - minus 5°C to 40°C
Relative humidity - (92±3)% at 40C°
Degree of protection - IP 30

0730 BF362-3

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