Power supply 27V, 60W for Inim control panels

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Power supply unit INIM IPS24160

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Product name: Inim IPS24160G,
Name on certification: no data,
Form: Switching power supply and battery charger providing 160 W @ 27.6 V DC,
Power supply: 230 V AC (-15…+10%) 50/60 Hz,
Max current draw on AC input: 1.1 A,
Output voltage: 27.6 V DC (+-) 1%,
Operating output voltage: 18...27.6 V DC,
Ripple on output: < 1%,
Maximum output current: 5.2 A,
Maximum output current for external loads: 4 A,
Maximum output current forn external loads at fully charged batteries: no data,
Maximum output current for battery charging: 1.2 A,
Rechargeable batteries: 2 pcs 12 V 17 Ah,
Dimensions: 200 mm * 45 mm * 100 mm,
Operating temperature: -5...+40 *C


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