Judesio jutiklis LC-104PImW PIR/mikrobanginis


PIR/Microwave, for environments with pets up to 25kg. Digital signal analysis; Pet immunity up to 55 lbs (25 kg); Quad Linear Imaging Technology for sharp analysis of body dimensions and differentiation from backgrounds and pets; Microwave detection based on Doppler concept; Unique microwave motion sensor module with micro-strip patch antenna; Advanced ASIC-based electronics Height installation calibration free 2-way PIR/microwave sensitivity adjustment; User-friendly installation with or without swivel-mount bracket.

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PIR Range 15 m,
PIR Element Type Quad,
Operating Angle 90°,
Supply Voltage 8.2 - 16 V,
Current Consumption (standby mode) 16.5 mA,
Current Consumption (hazard mode) 25.5 mA,
Weight 97 g,
Dimensions (WxHxD) 62.5x118x41 mm,
Working Temperature, C° -20 - +60,
Mounting Height 2.4 m,
Manufacturer DSC.


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