Dash camera with radar detector X-COP 9100s GT, NEOLINE

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Neoline X-COP 9100s GT is the world’s first hybrid, which is a dash cam, is equiped with a unique international GPS radar database, which informs about upcoming speed radars and also detects portable police radars as well as undercover police cars. The 9100s GT is able to detect all the radars in K band (Europe, USA, CIS, etc.), Ka band (Europe, Israel, USA) and special M band (Europe). These bands are used by such radars as Multanova 6F, Multa Radar. Moreover, the GT version of 9100s has the ability to detect Gatso RT3/RT4 radars.


  • Processor: Ambarella
  • Sensor: Sony
  • Screen: 2-inch IPS display
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920*1080 (30 fps)
  • Viewing angle: 135°, 6 glass lenses
  • Long-distance ultrasensitive EXD Plus module (К and Ка bands)
  • Detects GATSO RT3/RT4
  • Multa Radar CD, CT and CD moving detecting (М band)
  • Detecting signals of wide range of frequencies (К, М, Ка, Laser, Strelka)
  • Selection of frequencies depending on the region of the hybrid’s use (Europe, World, USA, Israel, CIS, PRO1, PRO2)
  • Z-signature filter
  • Ка filter
  • К band adjusting: wide, narrow, super narrow
  • Worldwide police radars GPS database: Europe, USA, Israel, CIS, Turkey, Middle East, Australia. (For a complete list of countries, see neoline.com)
  • Traffic control cameras notification (bus lane, radars directed in the back of the car, curve, crossroads, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing)
  • Intelligent processing of Trip Track cameras
  • Displaying current distance to the camera, speed, speed limit, average speed, signal power, name of the camera and type of traffic control on the screen
  • AUTOTURBO – automatic TURBO mode enabling
  • Switching off K band in the CITY mode
  • GPS or RD module priority
  • GPS/RD without sound alert in advance – setting the speed until which sound and voice alerts regarding radars from the GPS database and radars detecting will not be made
  • Maximum speed
  • Speed limit at the road section
  • Adding Silent Zone and Dangerous Zone
  • Adjusting Silent Zone and Dangerous Zone ranges
  • Switching on of specific GPS points
  • Voice alerts about 45 police radar types
  • Volume / brightness adjustment
  • Auto mute
  • Measurement system: km / h or mph
  • Detection distance: up to 2,5 km
  • Protection against Spectre 4 / Spectre Elite
  • Auto-dimming display
  • Sound notification
  • Adjusting the volume (9 levels)
  • Sound recording inside the car
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Adjust definition, contrast, exposure and video quality
  • 3 recording modes (standard, emergency, parking mode)
  • Cyclic recording
  • Device video functions: play / lock / rewind and copy
  • Adjustment of G-sensor and motion sensor (while driving and parking)
  • Parking mode
  • Voice alerts for satellites
  • GPS time synchronization
  • State number, speed, date and time are fixed in a video
  • 2 types of screensaver: "speedometer" and "dark"
  • Automatic night recording mode
  • Protecting the car battery: the hybrid turns off when the battery voltage drops below the set threshold
  • Voice prompts in Russian, English, Lithuanian
  • Memory card formatting
  • Software version displayed on the screen
  • Battery (220мА, 5C, 3.7В)
  • Video format: MP4
  • Framing rate: 30 fps
  • Driving mode recording tine: 1-5 min
  • Accident recording time: 10 seconds before accident ~ 50 seconds after accident
  • 2 memory card slots: MicroSD (SDHC: 2 GB ~ 32 GB, SDXC: 128 GB), class 10
  • G- sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • DEMO mode
  • Input power: DC 12В ~ 24В
  • Power usage: 400мA ~ 500мA
  • Dimensions (mm): 94 (length) * 73 (width) * 46 (height)
  • Working temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
  • Made in Korea
NEO-X-COP 9100s GT

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