Fire control panel, 2 zones, UNIPOS

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Conventional control panel FS4000 is a modern, reliable, multifunctional and versatile product. Designed to receive signals from manual and automatic fire detectors by signaling with audible and visual indication. It is possible to connect external alarm and enforcement devices.

Tax included
  • Zone and output voltage monitoring in the event of a fault (short circuit and interrupt) and automatic reset;
  • Zone monitoring of the unscrewed fire sensor and automatic reset;
  • Recognition of hand-held fire alarms;
  • LED indication during messages and emergencies;
  • Possibility of fire alarm delay at outputs for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes after fire status registration;
  • Built-in audible alarm in case of fire - one tone, uninterrupted - with the possibility of disconnection
  • Built-in fire alarm in case of failure - one ton, interruptible - with the possibility of disconnection;
  • Fire zone test mode
  • Possibility to ban fire zones;
  • Possibility to prohibit fire exits;

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