Centralė CO su dviguba ventiliacija, 2 zonos

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Addressable CO sensor control. The CO control panel allows to program the sensor levels 1 am, 2 pm, at the level of the ventilation and alarm, as well as the time between these events to activate. The control panel has a testing mode, allowing the sensors to try to free operation of the whole system activation. The control panel can be set manually all sensors, other programming mode is automatic configuration, the control panel will display all the system will automatically detected sensors. The operating logic and operating modes are developed in accordance with standard EN 50545-1.

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Control panel with 2 ventilation zones.
The relay contact output (COM / NO) Ventilation 1, Ventilation 2 and alarm.
Fault dry contact output (COM / NO / NC).
Concentration measurements according to EN 50545-1 on average up to 60 minutes.
Ventilation level 1, level 2 ventilation and alarm programmable from 5 to 300 ppm of CO.
The delay time for activation and delay time between the ventilation and air-conditioning 1, 2, programmable between 0 and 10 minutes.
The delay time for activation of the alarm selected from 0 to 5 minutes.
Test mode is checked sensor functionality.
The system has automatic configuration functionality.
Backlit LCD display 4 lines and 40 characters.
Developed in accordance with European standard EN 50545-1.
Meets the UNE 23300 certification.


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