Manual call point D9000MCP, red, EN54-11, DMTECH

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The D9000 MCP manual call point is designed for indoor operation in fire detection systems and meets the requirements of European Standard EN54-11; The fire detector is designed for easy installation and maintenance. There are built-in channels in the base for inserting cables in three directions – left, right, and top. The key to open the fire detector and restore the removed element is the same and is attached to the base. D9000 The MCP has a protective transparent cover and a possibility of mounting a seal. Upon activation, except the graphic indication of the operating element, for visibility from a distance is activated and red LED.

  • Supply voltage (9-30) V DC
  • Resistance 480Ω / (1 kΩ in broken PCB bridge)
  • Current at 24V 46mA/ (22mAin broken PCB bridge)
  • LED indicator red
  • Protective cover transparent
  • Cross section of connecting cables 0,4÷1,5 mm²
  • Operating temperature range -10ºС - +50ºС
  • Humidity (93 ± 3)% at40ºС
  • Degree of protection IP 40
  • Dimensions (90 х 90 х 44) mm
  • Weight 0,120 kg
  • Material ABS plastic
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