Outdoor siren IRENE enclosure + Outdoor siren IRENE glass

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Luxuriously designed stand-alone outdoor siren with 15 built-in high power SMD LEDs, up to 300 degrees of viewing angle.

  • Rated voltage 12-14V DC
  • Power consumption in standby mode 6-20mA (depending on LED mode)
  • Power consumption in alarm mode 460-600mA with battery / 760-900mA without battery
  • Operating frequency 900-3500 Hz
  • Sound level 125Db / 1m
  • Current consumption of LEDs is 15x20mA
  • TAMPER switch protection To prevent the cover from being pulled down or the siren to be torn off the wall
  • TAMPER switch parameters N.C / N.O 600mA / 125V DC 
  • TAMPER alarm duration 90 s
  • Inputs When supplying or terminating positive or negative voltage
  • Tightness class IP44
  • Battery (Not included) 12v 1.2AH or 2.3AH
  • Weight 1800g
  • Dimensions 250/80/350 mm (Length x Width x Height)
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